Same S**t, Different Year

The summer break was so necessary for me. Though we really didn’t “go away,” I managed to step away a bit and I really needed it.

“Back to school time” has always been my reset. Around this time I relearn just how much I like a schedule. The routine never does start slowly, either. It’s more like … Boom! Pow! Wham!

Knowing this beforehand, I take the morning of the first day of school all to myself. (You know, as a little calm before the s**tstorm.) I hit the gym, clean out the remnants of summer from my car, and treat myself to a pedicure.

We are a mere two and a half weeks into the school year now and we are knee deep in it!

In my attempt to better the year before, it’s funny how I still find myself learning the same lessons year after year …

Same s**t, different year.

I volunteer for {insert cause here} because I notice peoples’ complaints and see a way to do it differently … once I do, they complain about something else. Hmph.

I bust my butt and get right back to where I left off at the gym … and my body says “uh uh, sister!” One step forward, two back.

Our family calendar is booked until the holidays. My husband and I play tag as he comes in front door and I go out. School papers, bills and tasks quickly stack up and I am wondering how to get through it all… sanely.

Wait, I did say that I prefer this schedule, right?

All of this is inevitable. This quote is very Jersey, but “it is what it is”. What is not consistent is my reaction to these regular occurrences.

People wanna complain when they did nothing to change said complaint? I laugh at the irony.

My health wants to react to me pushing too hard? I’ll submit to a break (but it won’t be a long one!)

One can go mad looking at stacks of “to do”s. I do the only thing that I can do. Take it on little by little.

…And as for the family time… I don’t need the summer to roll around again to designate that time. That’s what weekends are for! While work remains a top priority, it will always come second to my family.

So, here I am, all up in it, ready for my next creative assignment to take on (Monday through Friday).