Is it Really Real Son??


Do you know Marie Forleo? Well, if not, you should!

I was fortunate to be schooled by and graduate Marie Forleo's B-School this past May.

Marie's knowledge was a beam of light through the clouds. It gave me HOPE. Hope that "business" is not all slimy — firm handshakes and hardy laughs. Hope that business can be honest and real.

See, I have this problem. My Momma taught me to be honest. Because of that, I have a hard time lying. My heart is always right out there. (I'm all heart, mother-father!)

I actually believed that being honest was a bad thing — until completing B-School.

Marie assured me that it is OK to be real. No, she said that I should be real. My potential clients are, in fact, human! And if they are anything like me, they can spot a steamy wet pile of fakeness from a mile away!

So, this entire blog? This is me being real.

My function as a business is to be your creative hands. However, (much like Shrek) I am like an onion with all kinds of layers. (… Wait, can't I be something that doesn't stink!? I want to be Baklava!!)

I promised myself upon graduating B-School that I would blog about all of my flakey delicious layers. I thought, "Hmm, weekly … can I do that? Maybe I can start on the first of the month? I'm not ready."

I nixed that thought right there, sat down and wrote about the first thing on my mind and hit "publish" before I could talk myself out of it.

I am proud to say that this is weekly blog #20. I am not always sure what I am going to talk about week to week, but I promise you — it will be me and it will be real.