Celebrate Life!


As an event designer I live for honoring unique occasions. The crazier, the better.

My mind goes into excite mode when I think of creating something out of the box.

Certainly you have a reason to celebrate? (You are breathing and reading this. Don’t think so hard.)

Here are five great reasons to get your party on. 

1. Moving On

A wedding is a beautiful thing — and sometimes, unfortunately, so is a divorce! 

If things did not quite go the way that you expected them to you can only reflect on what might have gone wrong for so long. Then, at some point, you learn to move on. That takes guts! 

That moment of self-realization should be celebrated with those who have had your back all along. Not a gloom-fest of bashing a piñata with your ex’s face on it — quite the opposite. Think more along the lines of a party all about you and everything that you love.

2. Holding On

Next year, you turn 40. You are not yet ready for that thought, but this year, you will be 39. You are pretty cool with celebrating a number that begins with a “3.” You can handle that!

Have a “Forever 39” party in the theme of your favorite era — an old-school house party, an 80’s neon Aqua Net fiasco, grungy flannel’ed 90’s. Spin the clock and pick a time!

3. Re-Do

You are “of a certain age.” Your children have grown and are making a life for themselves. Gift registries did not exist when you were starting your life some 35 years ago. “Spoiled brats these days don’t know what’s it like to get a gift and appreciate it!” You have been rocking the same pots and pans given as a wedding gift and you still feed your grown-ass kids using them. (That one is for you, Ma!)

So, here is my idea! …. We need to hand over the scan gun to our seasoned relatives and shower them with gifts from their very own registry. Why not!?

We can call it “Showers of Appreciation.” We can even make the honoree wear a big stupid hat! 

I don’t know the origin of the bridal or baby shower, but someone had to do it first! Who’s going to be first here?

4. I'm Out!

You worked up the nerve and gave notice. You are finally leaving that mind numbing job! You have been torturing your family and friends with stories of your cubicle misery for months. You are pursuing a totally different career — maybe even a business of your own.

Well BRA-VO! It’s about time. Party on! 

Bring on theme “Office Space!” “Excuse me, I believe you have my stapler.”

5. Paid Off

You are debt free! (Applause.) THAT is a good day. Why would you not throw a blow-out party? 

The party, of course, would be paid by cash and be sprinkled with shredded credit card table confetti (you know, because you don’t want to throw it and take out an eye!) 


One of my favorite quotes is to “enjoy the little things in life, for one day you will look back and realize they were the big things.”

I am not suggesting huge catered events here, folks. I am, however, suggesting that you celebrate each and every event and always surround yourself with those who truly care.

So tell me, what's your next celebration?