Let It Be Known

My friend, Lori insists that if you have a need for something you “tell the universe.”

I am going to admit, I heard her say this and thought she was a little coo-coo. How is “letting my needs be known” going to bring about any sort of solution?

Then, we all sat back and watched Lori collect all of the answers that she had been seeking — again and again.


You can come up with different explanations about “why” this happened. All that I know is that Lori said what she needed out loud and in time, it came to her.

I have faith in God. I pray with my girls every night. We pray for those who are sick or lost a loved one. We thank God for what we have. We pray for my husband’s safety at work. Other than a general “pray for us” I do not pray for things that we need. I wouldn’t. 

I have adopted Lori’s act of “telling the universe” and I consider it something different than my faith in God.

It is more about letting your intentions be known, both to yourself and others around you.

I am feeling really positive lately as my needs have been getting addressed … and in the most interesting ways!

I will leave the “why” up to the universe as I continue this practice.

You might want to try the same. State your needs out loud. You never know who is listening.