Sneak Peek ...

All of the seeds that I planted in the universe are blooming and I am a busy bee this mild autumn. While I am buzzing away with surprising, new, and fulfilling projects, I thought I'd share a sneak peek into what is to come (very soon!)

(The word of the day, kids, is "passion." Every time you hear the word of the day, scream real loud!)

Product reviews — With an active blog comes opportunities to review new products. This is especially exciting when the new product owners read your blog and really hit on your key passion. Next week, I will be releasing DahlHouse's first product review which falls right in line with my love of handwriting.

Fulfilling clients — Passion fuels passion. When you are responsible for creating a small business owner's identity, it makes a world of difference if that person is fired up about that unique thing that they are about to give to the world. Lately, my clients have been so awesome — I couldn't make them up! My work will be better because of this. In the month of thanks, I am feeling grateful for the chance to work with such inspiring people.

New venture — Being a multi passionate person ... and having friends who's talents compliment that passion, equals new journeys!

We are three friends, "repurposing with a purpose." We take on whatever the world gives us. No, literally, whatever you throw away, we are scooping up and making better ... making useful ... making different.

Of course, I will link our new information through this website, but not quite yet. Just know that we are working hard to bring this to you real soon!