Our Absurd Reality

After reaching my one year blog goal, I let go a bit. I wanted to talk about all of the topics surrounding us — you know all of that political banter making us crazy on social media. In hindsight, I am glad that I stayed away from all that.

Now that the election has come and gone, we as Americans have to move forward. I don’t mean to get all preachy on you, but this is the only thing that we can do.

Some of my absolute peeves in life are those do not take the time to educate themselves, those who accept everything that they see and hear as reality, those who blame, and those who talk without the intention of changing the problem. After this past election, so many are stuck in one of these scenarios.

PLEASE … take time to educate, research, and if you believe something to be wrong, speak up and do something to change it.

I want very much to get back to my place on the internet. I like it here. I like the chance to share my jumbled thoughts with others.

I do see my role as a blogger changing. While the founding purpose was to blog about my business as a freelance designer, I saw my role as a wife, work-at-home mommy, home manager, UC patient, Girl Scout leader, PTA parent … and ultimate balancer of the all of these things take over.

My reality is true for many Americans. I am a Mom. I grew up with a great foundation. I want to give the same to our girls.

We can say that “kids are not the same these days.” I do not think many would argue that is untrue. Well, here is another truth — kids do not raise themselves! We cannot blame the product on itself. It is time to take responsibility for the way that we raise our children.

When my husband and I were married and … BOOM! Pregnant! We made a conscious decision for me to stay at home and raise our children. (Yeah, that’s pretty old school, I know.) This was what we felt would lay the best foundation for our girls.

I absolutely hated hearing “you are so lucky, you get to stay at home with the kids.” — Why? Because we took a huge cut back to allow me to stay home! Slowly, I took on more and more work to help the family function.

We are now at a crossroads.

I have done well for myself designing, but in order to grow my business, I must take on more.

As a family our priority remains our daughters and we just cannot shift my time and attention from our girls right now.

I will remain at a consistent pace with my design work, and like the bulk of Americans, take on yet another job to make ends meet. (For me, #3! ... Yeah, yey.)

I want to talk about this because MOST AMERICANS DON’T! Yet, It is hard for me to think of one family that is not in the same boat.

We are overworked, overqualified, college educated parents juggling “just to make ends meet.”


I say, we start talking about it in effort to change it.