I was beyond excited to be recognized for my love of handwriting and be contacted by the founder of Chalk-Ola chalk markers. I am a known design nerd ... and this design nerd loves her some paper and pens!

The 5.5 mm "premium wet wipe markers" can write on any non porous surface. If you are like me, then you need a few examples of these surfaces ... and the packaging provides them – whiteboards, mirrors, plastics, chalkboards, and ceramics. I will go further and add glass. The pens are water based and can be easily erased using a wet cloth. The purchasing site suggests to always test the surface area.

Much like any liquid pen, you must shake up the contents and press on the tip to get the ink flowing. The 5.5 mm chalk markers offer a rounded bullet tip and are generously packaged in 10 colors — red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink, brown, white, and black. (Yes, black! Woo hoo!!)

The colors are vibrant and have a milky texture and a neon quality, much like gel pens. See the photo where each 5.5 mm color was tested on a swatch of paper. I especially loved the colors that are not often seen in chalk markers, like red, brown, purple, and black.

Chalk-Ola 5.5 mm markers tested on white metallic and black matte papers

Chalk-Ola 5.5 mm markers tested on white metallic and black matte papers

If the 5.5 mm pens did not inspire me enough, Chalk-Ola also shared their recently debuted 15 mm chalk markers. If you do not know the metric system ... that's giant! Check these babies out in the photo below.

The 15 mm markers have a versatile rectangular tip. The pens can be positioned in three different ways to create varying strokes. A package of 8, 15 mm wet wipe markers comes in the colors — red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink, and white.

Chalk-Ola 15 mm platinum series wet wipe markers

Chalk-Ola 15 mm platinum series wet wipe markers

If using chalk markers with children — and you absolutely should — know that Chalk-Ola is child safe. The product is non toxic, it washes off from clothing and skin, it has low odor, and is zylene free. I had to look that one up! Zylene is a breathable chemical found in more paints and cleaners then you care to know about.

I can think of a million uses for Chalk-Ola for my work and home. As a daily tool, Chalk-Ola could be used on our family chalkboard wall, featured in our This is How We Do blog. That is, if it passed the surface test.

There is a corner of our chalkboard wall that needs to be touched up. I chose this spot to test all 10 of the smaller Chalk-Ola markers and a traditional chalk writing to compare, along with one 15 mm Chalk-Ola stroke in red. (Red is my favorite Chalk-Ola color!) 

I was very happy with the results considering that a sheetrock wall is not necessarily non porous. The white and pink markers left a bit of ghosting. Otherwise, all others wrote and removed just fine! Happy day! Smooth colorful doodling to come on the Domaracki family wall!

The white writing was so prominent on the wall. I am eager to try it out on a different type of chalkboard surface where it will remove more easily.

Chalk-Ola has provided DahlHouse readers with a limited-time 20% discount code for their products.

To purchase the large 15 mm pens, go to and use code "CHK20OFF."

To purchase the smaller 5.5 mm pens, go to and use code "CHALK20A."

Thank you Chalk-Ola for allowing me the chance to preview your products.

Check in to our the DahlHouse Pinterest page to see how we use Chalk-Ola chalk markers at work and in our home. We will keep an ongoing board there.

What are you inspired to create with Chalk-Ola pens?