Ain't Nobody Got Time For That!

Yes, I love typography, handlettering, old skool style and design, but before all else, I am a Mom. I wipe boogers, organize PTA events, run laundry marathons, apply and re-apply sunscreen. Being a Mommy is such a big part of me, why hold back from including it in this blog?

When I was about 12, my mother sat myself and my friend Danielle down at the kitchen table with a marble notebook in attempt to share her passion for cooking. “OK girls, this is your first lesson! Write it down ... ‘julienne!” I am pretty sure that my Mom can cook in her sleep — but for no less than 9 people!

I used to feel guilty that Mom’s cooking lessons did not sink in. I cook. I cook for necessity. We all have to eat! My husband told me that there is “no love” in my cooking. “I am sorry! Did I forget to add that while I was correcting homework, telefiling taxes, and stirring macaroni!?” 

Perhaps I’d feel guilty about not resembling June Cleaver if I lived in her time. However, I do not. 

All of us mommies juggle one thousand things. We are far from June Cleaver. We are more like her tattooed granddaughter who buys cupcakes from "Stop and Shop" and adds the frosting. Our children are pretty respectful, our homes are clean enough, and our families do not go hungry. Our other half may put together a few meals. We may powerwash the house. It’s all good!

More time in the day would be nice. (Yeah, to sleep!) But let’s get real, there will always be more to do.

Since being a Mommy is such a part of my life, I DO want to share that with you. 

For all subscribers of the DahlHouse newsletter, you will receive free printables to help make life a little easier. In the future, I will also be adding a Pinterest board called “Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That!” Each easy-peezy project will be tested by me. No glamour photos, just the really real. If I goof, I’ll tell ya!

Mrs. Cleaver, ain’t nobody got time for that!