Write On!

The National Stationery Show showcases all things that you may find in stores alongside greeting cards, like small gifts. NSS holds tight to old school practices of printing and handwriting because with them, the world of stationery thrives.

These are some of my favorite items found at NSS and throughout the year that celebrate one of my favorite old school practices, handwriting.

Kikkerland’s Pen Cap Stylus turns any pen or pencil into a stylus to be used for a touch screen surface. It can also act as a pen cap. I prefer using a stylus with my phone and tablet (because the whole germ thing grosses me out), but I never have it with me when I am on the move. If I pop this on the top of my pen — this, I can’t forget.

Studio Oh!’s 24 Quick & Convenient Thank You Postcards bound in it's own tearable book, are thoughtful, adorable and support the snail mail movement. (As a side note, postcards are less postage than regular mail. Woo hoo!)

Wall Pops! Functional Dry Erase Decals are repositionable and they leave no sticky residue. Learn to Write Chalkboard Sentence Strips give guidelines for young ones learning to write. Large fill-in monthly decals are different than others because they are printed with the academic year at a glance for reference.  I already have thoughts of upgrading our already elaborate family organization. (You can check out our existing home organizational system here.)

(OK, I was so excited for this one that I already spoke about it in last week's blog.) Here it is again — O2O’s journal book. The O2O printed journal and free app marry handwritten and digital in a way that is totally doable. You write … then, you snap a pic and your notes, doodles, and lists are easily categorized into the digital app accessed by your computer, tablet, or smart phone. It is a searchable library of your written notes. Here’s the link to learn more!

Kikkerland’s Wooden Ballpoint Pens are cute and fun! They look like pencils, but they are, in fact, pens. Joy!

This item is touching and awesome — A friend of mine recently lost her mother and among all of the beautiful memories that she keeps of her, she now has her mother’s handwriting on a custom made handwritten bracelet, like this one by Etsy artist AshleeArtis.

Not too long ago, I posted a snapshot of a letter that my late father wrote me. Seeing his handwriting gives me chills. It is unmistakable. It is so very him. I would love to wear “I am so proud of you” in my Dad’s handwriting as a piece of him and as a special reminder that he is always behind me. In this way, handwriting can be so very personal and moving.

Watching a demo of these Zig Wink of Stella Brush Markers at 2016 NSS was uh-may-zing. I could have watched the calligraphy artist make strokes all day! The tip marks like a brush and this line brings a little sparkle to each color as well. The clear marker can put glitter atop of any color giving a little more something.

There you have it! I was not asked to blog about these products. I am simply sharing the 100% organic love. (Gluten free as well!)

Check these products out! Share the joy of handwriting and WRITE ON!