… And You Say She's Just a Trend

Yet another road trip with my fellow design aficionado, Steph, finds us at The National Stationery Show in New York. The exhibition presents all of those things that appeal to my inner design nerd ... paper, products, printing techniques, and trends. Attending NSS is an annual tradition. It pretty much sets off my year and gets my thinker thinking.

I have a few personal trend spotting rules. 1. If I noted something as a trend last year, then I would have to have good reason to recognize it yet again. 2. I have to see something repeat three times in order to crown it a “trend.” (I don’t know. Three is a lucky number for me.) 3. Should I have seen this trend plastered all over the place last year and then again this year, then that baby should “get to steppin’”.

In the future I will talk more about how fashion influences design (and vice-versa.) This was proven at this year’s Stationery Show. Some of the top trends that I recognized were debuted on the runway for Fall 2015 Fashion Week. Among them: vintage floral patterns, pops of bright color, and glitter metallics. These trends could be found across the board in paper finishes, designed stationery, products, and accessories.

Next trend, handwriting! I saw it last year and yes, I am saying it again. Those of you who know me know that I have a “thing” for handwriting. Always have. Know what this means? I am finally cool! I must say, the “trend” does not stop at handwriting. It is more of an “anything old is new” retro vibe. It all makes sense, too. Technology is ruling our world, so now it is time to honor the classics.

I spotted the use of custom stamps along with handwriting, but not always. The use of stamps were not only for addressing and embellishing work. Hand drawn stamps were used as a printing tool. Hand stamped invitations offer a look that again shows contrast against the perfectionism that technology gives us.

Another sweeping trend will make you laugh. No, really. It’s meant to make you laugh. It’s comedy! Humorous card designs took home more awards than Beyoncé. (Yes, we have awards in the design world, too!) Good laughs were everywhere ... and appreciated!

I am soaking it all in and seeing how the latest trends in design can translate into DahlHouse Design. Perhaps on your project?

See for yourself. Check out #NSS2015 on Instagram. (Steph and I are on there!)


Erdem, Maison Margiela and Nina Ricci runway photos taken from http://www.vogue.com/12680368/top-trends-fall-2015-fashion-shows