The Custom Design Process

So you're looking for something unique? Awesome! I can help you with that.

There is a reason that you did not go to “Joe Shmoe’s Clip Art Design Service” for your logo. I admire that and I am going to work to be sure that your business identity speaks volumes.

... And kudos to you if you are looking for invitation or event design because trust me, I know that the internet is full of options. However, they are not many that are one-of-a-kind, and specific to YOU.

Your final project should reflect your personality and that’s where “step 1” of our custom design process comes into play.

Step 1 — Information

Give a little information … about your project and yourself. The “who,” “what,” when,” “where,” “how,” and yes, “why” of it all.

It would be my pleasure to meet you — virtually or otherwise. I will ask all of the questions to get the answers that I need.

Invitation mailing is based off of your event date and the type of event that you are hosting. For wedding invitations, please contact us at least 4 months before your date. A wedding is a detailed event. We want to be sure that we allow time for all details to be worked out.

Step 2 — Proposal

Within 7 days of our “meeting,” you will be emailed a PDF of a project proposal. An example of a DahlHouse proposal can be found below.

An example of a DahlHouse Project Proposal

An example of a DahlHouse Project Proposal

You will find options and pricing in the proposal. Design concepts may be mentioned, but no design is completed at this point. An option should be chosen based on the proposal.

Step 3 — Deposit

A 50% Deposit and a signed project contract are required to begin the design process.

Step 4 — Digital Mock-Up

A digital mock-up will be prepared for you and emailed in PDF form about 14 days after your signed contract and deposit are received. You will find an example of a DahlHouse digital mock-up below.

An example of a DahlHouse digital mock-up

An example of a DahlHouse digital mock-up

Your feedback is necessary to get it all right. We will go through a couple rounds of digital mock-ups (as specified in your contract) until it is “just right.”

Step 5 — Approval

Working virtually, a response email confirming your approval of the latest design will act as your signature approval.

Production of your project will follow. Each project is unique. The production timeline of each project will be communicated in the proposal. To give an idea, production of a digitally printed invitation suite under a quantity of 200 would be about 14 days.

Step 6 — Final Payment and Delivery

Once your project is completed, the full payment will be due before delivery or email or your final files.

A shipping fee will be added to the balance should we be shipping out to you. 

For invitations, DahlHouse offers a mail-out service. Should you take advantage of this extra service, payment of postage will be due before mail-out.

I love what I do and would be honored to work on your next project with you!