I pinned a bunch of “bucket list” items about two years ago and I was discouraged when I looked back and none of them were accomplished. Not one.

My sister-in-law keeps a running blog of her bucket list items and checks those suckers off one by one. All. The. Time.

Wha?? What am I doing wrong?

Some of the items on my bucket list; “Buy a Power Suit” (For what you ask? Just because.) That one’s not even big — C’mon now! Why didn't I just go buy one!?

“Learn fluent Spanish”  Beyond catching the gist of a conversation en español, talking dirty to you, or ordering Papusas con Curtido — I never accomplished that one either. (!Dios mío, I need Papusas now!)

Then, I figured it out. I was not taking any steps to do any of the things on my list. I might as well have had “fly to Mars” up there!

So, last year I decided to make a “short-term goal” list. You need to write it down and “tell the universe,” you know!   (Plug to a past blog ... find it!)

“One full year of weekly blogs” was on my short-term list. To be fair, I added that goal after I had a couple of blogging weeks under my belt. The blogging thing was a bit of a happy coincidence.

Ask anyone who knew me in college — procrastination was my game. (I bet you right now one of them is reading this and having a little chuckle.)

Then, I grew up! I became a Mommy, and … well, there is no room for procrastination in adulthood. Besides, it was making my stomach all queasy to leave things until the last moment. Lord knows, I don’t need that!

My whole procrastination game was rooted in the fear that things would not be perfect. I don’t have to tell you the end of that story, do I? It doesn’t happen!

Grown-up me took Marie Forleo’s words taught in B-School to heart and I "started before I was ready” shooting for “progress and not perfection.”

Old me would have thought about writing a blog, maybe even written a list about what to blog about and then waited and waited for that perfect moment… the first of the month, after all of my portfolio photos were reshot for my updated website, tomorrow…

Instead, I created my new website’s basic layout, wrote my first blog, and uploaded without a second thought.

It made me a little uneasy to break my norm, but it felt really good, too!

While the purpose of this website is to showcase my work, I wanted for my blog to be more. More human. More me.

I wanted to talk about topics beyond my design work. I wanted to share whatever I was experiencing at that moment. People would ask in conversation what my "blog platform" was and I came at them like Napolen Dynamite. "Whatever I feel like I wanna (write about), GOSH!"

Who knew? This former shy girl likes to write!

If you know me, then you know that I talk just like I write — one big run-on sentence and scattered thoughts that sometimes… make sense.

I am proud to say that my new way of thinking... and doing... is finally getting items checked off my list.


One full year of blogging... CHECK!