Pre-Pinterest (or P.P.) I would bookmark projects and label them within folders on my desktop. Imagine my excitement when I received an invitation to join the awesome society of pinners (yes, at first, it was by invite only.)

Today, Pinterest is an awesome database of recipes, crafts, exercise routines, event themes, and more.

But do you actually understand how important Pinterest is for your business?


If you follow this blog, than you understand the importance of developing your business brand. Pinterest allows you to carry that consistency in the same manner that the majority of the world responds … quick, easy, and visually. Did I mention “free?”

This is why Pinterest works!

All of the content on your website — your product shots, videos, blogs, quotes, and inspiration posts, etc. — all of these are shown as linked visual images to all who follow you or search the keywords in your description. We’re talkin’ 100 million active users! … And when users pin your content, in turn, their followers see your links on their feed. It is a beautiful process!

If you still are not convinced and would rather stick with the other “freebies,” know this — Pinterest brings an average of 300% more referral traffic to your website than any other social media outlet.


Pinterest is not just a pretty place, it means business!