Theme It!

I am all about a party with a theme … and not (just) because I am over the top, but because it makes your party memorable.

Today, we are talking children’s party themes (because those are my absolute favorite.)

Here are a few pointers when choosing your child's party theme.

It’s not about you —

This day is all about the guest of honor, not you. Be sure to choose a theme that the birthday boy or girl will love. This will make your job easier because they can lend insight … and chances are they have some items around the house to help you out with your planning — like toys (props), audio soundtracks (background music), etc.

You do not have to choose a theme that the party store puts out there for you. Be creative! Be specific to your little one. Make it special. You can have a party based off of her two favorite colors. (That’s it! That’s a theme! That works.)

Need more help? Think about your child’s favorite book, movie, hobby, subject in school, musician, team, sport, the month/season of their birthday …

Choose a location that fits —

If your budget limits your party location to your home — that’s fine! There is so much that you can do within your home. Though you need not spend money to have your party at another location. Consider a park, community center, or campground.

If you are looking for a place for others to take care of the party itinerary, take a look at your theme and choose the best location. Outer space theme? How about a black-lit laser tag facility or glow place? Pizza party? Why not ask the neighborhood pizzeria if they will give pizza making lessons? If insurance is a issue, ask if they would throw some dough for the party-goers.

Think about what makes sense with your theme.
Tie it together —

With your theme chosen the details come easy … or a Pinterest search comes easy! Think of related details for color, decorations, favors, and food. Pinterest is your friend, but don’t go crazy!

Again, use what your child has. Maybe display stuffed animals, books, toy cars … if it falls in the theme, it works!

Write out food descriptions using words related to the theme. For instance, for a “planes, trains, and automobile” party, you could serve chocolate donuts and call them “spare tires” or label the beverages as the “fueling station.”

All the the details will make your child’s party one to remember. … And when you want an invitation to go along with that, give us a call!