Your Brand

Think of every successful company that you know. You can recognize an ad of theirs without even seeing their name. You know their style, the colors they use to market themselves … their overall “brand.”

The false belief is that you have to have “made it” to get there. That would be untrue. That chicken came before the egg. (OK, maybe that statement worked better in my head.) I am trying to say, a successful business was hatched from consistent branding from day 1.

When you are ready to make the entrepreneurial plunge, you should do the same.

A new business brings some challenging start-up costs. New business owners tend to overlook their branding when setting priorities and I believe that this is a mistake.

Once you have discovered why you took on this business, who your ideal customer is, and how you will market yourself, the next step would be putting a visual to that plan.

Your logo is not a pretty picture chosen from a clip art catalog that has something remotely related to what you do. It should absolutely not be purchased from a logo factory online, offering you a product that looks a whole lot like what’s already out there and providing zero human contact. Your logo should also not be your business name in a cool font that you just found on “Word.”

Your who, how, and why should be read in your one simple logo. This graphic is intense and it should be treated as such.

Behind that “Nike” swoosh is a story. That story is backed up by all else that Nike puts out there … the company mission, their social media posts, the athletes they sponsor … all of this will be consistent with Nike’s brand.

Consistency brings trust and consumers want a brand that can be trusted.

Get set on your business plan and show that you are are confident in this business by presenting the world not just with your business, but your “brand.”

Business Logos by DahlHouse Design