A Riveting Mission

Creating a strong brand sets a business up for success.

A good brand draws consumers in and good business keeps them.

I was attracted to this woman-owned company that I think you will love, too.

When a business has a relatable story — one that pulls on the your heartstrings you want to support it.

Two U.S. military wives, Lisa Bradley and Cameron Cruse, set a mission to create portable careers for other military spouses. Jobs that moved with them as their family moved base.

With the help of Kickstarter Lisa and Cameron founded R. Riveter, a company that creates quality handbags and purses from upcycled military materials that are 100% handmade by military spouses.

You may recognize their story since Lisa and Cameron presented their business on the show Shark Tank this past year. (In fact, the episode recently re-aired this month.) After the show, the ladies were joined by Mark Cuban and their already successful venture grew even more.

On their website you can “Meet the Riveters” who make these products by hand. You can read about the journey that each product takes in the manufacturing process. You will see the many like minded Non-Profits, Veteran Owned & Military Spouse founded organizations that R. Riveter supports.

Each handbag is stamped with the marking of each military spouse who helped assemble it. It is way more personal than having Louis Whats-his-name’s initials stamped all over your bag!

I love their look, I love their website, I especially love their mission.

I don’t normally spend over $50 for a purse, but I would absolutely love to own a R. Riveter bag. I mean, just look at my favorite coffee cup. It was meant to be!


Visit R.Riveter's website and check them out!