Summer Mode

Time seems to fly by when it comes to our little ones.

Recently, when asked what grades my daughters would be going into next school year, I had a hard time answering.

… It can’t be! Second and fourth grade!?

Boom! Just like that Baby formula, first time pics, and Mommy & Me became bras, boy crushes and “family life” (that’s sex ed for all of those who don’t know!) Yeah, that time has come!

I didn’t sign up for this — This is way too fast!!

Every second with my girls is so very precious. I repeat this to myself as I am counting to 10 in my head as they torture each other every day. (Every. Freakin. Day.)

One day, I will not hear them spatting back and forth and I have already learned, this will make me sad.

School is ending for my girls this week. Soon my usual work/life balance will shift into “summer mode.”

This summer… the balance will be less computer time and more rainy day matinees… less social media and more spontaneous dance parties… less mobile device hugging and more real Mommy hugs!

My daughters will always be my babies no matter how old they are. As they grow and show their independent selves, they make me so very proud. I am in awe of them.

I thank God for my beautiful girls every night.

Here’s to “summer mode” and maintaining it all year long!