All Up in Your Business

So you have a business!? Congratulations!
Now all focus will be on making it “stick” (in consumer’s minds, that is!)

One way to ensure this is through consistency of how you present your business.

A great logo speaks volumes in one simplified graphic. Without spelling it out a logo can give an idea of your service, your target market, and who you are. This visual, along with the color palette used is your signature. It should be used consistently. Consistency gains trust.

Your logo is a foundation upon which your complete business identity will be built. Your company website, social media, business stationery, signage, and advertisements would be part of this unified identity: your business identity.

When creating your business logo and primary identity, it is my job to learn as much as I can about your industry. What are your competitors doing? What are the interests of your target market? Better concepts come from better research.

It is important (to me) that you know that all logos that I create are custom fit for you. This means that I do not pull from clip art images and pop in your business name. I am naturally an over-thinker ... and this turns into a positive when creating logos!

First, I present a few concepts. Within those concepts, I will give examples of what you ask for. I also like to give concepts that are not what you expect. In the next two rounds we will explore and solidify your concept. 

All ideas are thoroughly worked until you have exactly what your business needs ... a complete story in a simple design.

See examples of logos created by DahlHouse Design here.