Cherish the Memories!

A while back, I took a pause from designing custom invitations and creative marketing to “teach the youth of America".

I was pretty good at it, but I was jones’ing for more than just design time in the summer. I received tenure the year before I had my first daughter. We relocated to start our family, I left and I never looked back. 

Teaching was always something that I wanted. My desire to be altruistic needed to be fulfilled. I did it, and it will forever be a part of me. It is just not my red hot passion.

I have a tremendous respect for teachers. There is no salary to compensate for what good teachers do. I can honestly say so since I have walked in their shoes.

Moving on with my current position as a full- time designer, specializing in invitations and event design, I questioned my contribution to society. I used to teach art to inner city kids. I helped to shape creative minds. What importance do one-of-a-kind invitations and event design have on a person's life?

Then, it happened. You know — that moment when you are trying to offer guidance to a friend and you hear your own words coming out of your mouth and you go, “ahhh!”

It’s no mystery that losing my father deeply affected me. Losing a loved one is hard. People tell you it gets a little bit easier every day. That is a load of crap!

The only words that I have accepted are the same words that I tell others in a similar situation. “Cherish the memories!”

When time passes our memories are all that we have. Why not make those memories lasting ones?!

It IS my passion to showcase and celebrate what is unique about you in the most creative way possible. ... To make your event so memorable that guests are talking about it for years. ... To give your event a special place in time.

Nothing is more precious than time and beautifully designed memories.