Something Does NOT Have to Give

Once upon a time my laundry was folded and put away in it's place. My upstairs was vacuumed, my downstairs floor was gleaming — And it took me about three days to go through the bulk of emails flooding my inbox while I was playing the role of June Cleaver!

During this time my work "to do" list built so high that it shot my anxiety level through the roof!

There was also a time when I was rocking and rolling with design work. I played tag with my husband as I ran out for consultation meetings as soon as he walked in the door. Work was steady and the surplus was appreciated. Life was grand ... outside of my home!

Inside my home clean laundry laid in flat piles around my unmade bed. (Hey! At least it was clean!) My husband was crabby because his off-work time was spent picking up my slack. The kids (ugh) they wanted to know when Mommy was going to stop working on the computer.

Work had taken over my life.

Geez, ya can't win!

You cannot be 100% in every facet of life. I know this! Still I try to do it all. Many of us do.

When life seems off balance people say one of those old school phrases that erk me to no end. "Something's got to give." People always say it in a way that seeks approval — like, "Hey, something's got to give, right??"

So since you are all asking. NO!! Something does NOT have to give. You just have to allow yourself some slack. Cut your giant meal into itty-bitty pieces and EAT IT!! (I am a little funny with the analogies.)

As soon as we accept that "something's got to give" as the truth, it happens. Something gives! Don't allow that.

Be the best that you can be at everything you do — just balance it out. I'll adopt another old school statement here that I like much better. "Everything in moderation."

Take time to reflect. Take time for your family. Of course, take time for yourself. Do YOU! I have found that it is easier to balance everything out when you are relaxed and at peace.

That's my two cents and I'm banking it!