Spread the Joy!

I had been meaning to book an appointment with a local salon ever since I read the business’ grand opening press release. The salon adopted a holistic approach and uses and sells only organic products. The business name, Salon FiG, stands for “Faith in God”. I also admired the owner’s backstory. That was enough to pique my interest.

The timing was right for me to book an appointment this past May, a good year and a half after initially reading the article.

The staff was extremely pleasant and accommodating. The hair stylist who worked with me was very thorough. I was pleased with the results. I even mentioned the place to a few people later that day.

Even still, all of that was not what sold me.

A few days later I received a handwritten letter in the mail. I saw the return address as “Salon FiG” and quickly thought, “What could it be? ... Perhaps they are trying to sell me on the shampoo that was used?”

I opened the envelope to find a custom decorated, handwritten card from my hair stylist thanking me for my visit and extending herself for any further assistance. (Notice that I said MY hair stylist because now, I am a lifer!)

They completely threw an arrow through this girl’s heart.

In this digital world, there is nothing more refreshing than showing that you stopped, unplugged, and took the time to spell out your appreciation. Literally.

When is the last time that you received a handwritten thank you?  (Bonus points if you have ever received a thank you note from a man! What is up with that anyway!?)

OK, maybe you did after that baby shower? Possibly after sending a wedding gift? What about a good ol’ note of appreciation “just because?” 

If you did, I bet’cha you are thinking about it with a big smile right now. See that feeling that it gives you? Pay it forward! 

Take the time to write a note of appreciation and spread the joy of the written sentiment.