Three B's Finderys

So, just what is this Three B's Finderys that I have been teasing you with for some time?

It is a collaboration between myself and two great friends, Danielle Dippel and Lori Campbell ...

It is another outlet to flex my hands-on creative muscles, bounce ideas off of one another, and learn new skills that help me cross items off of my "Honey Done" list. (See my past blog "Honey's Doin' It") ...

It's ... well, why don't you read for yourself!

Recently, Kristen Reinertsen of Kristen Rath Photography interviewed the Three B's and asked all of the questions that you want to know.

Link to the interview below and check out Kristen's blog and work while you are there! I am so inspired by Kristen's page "The List." Here she not only names items on her bucket list, but crosses those babies off ... and documents her adventures. (That's the part that I love!)

Kristen Rath Photography: Meet the Women of Three B's Finderys

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