This morning our entire area lost cell service. For maybe two hours, we impatiently stared at our phones waiting for communication to be restored.

Imagine the horror as parents waiting at their childrens' bus stop had to get out of their cars in the frigid cold to talk to their neighbors.

Before starting my day I ran into my mother's office to alert her so she did not get scared when she could not reach me. We had coffee and a conversation ... With real words and no emojis. It was lovely!

For real though, when I look back on the best memories with my family, not one of them involves technology! Quite the opposite. The best memories are captured when we completely unplug.

I talk a lot of crap about the importance of preserving handwriting and holding on to the old school. I am not too proud to tell you that I am now typing this on my cell while waiting to get my oil changed. I am no better than the 5 other Axiom people in the room with me with their faces buried in their phones. 

Let’s stop the madness.

Pledge to learn along with me to accept, but not live for technology.

Write a letter, give a hug, have a real human conversation.

Learn to unplug. You can start with “Cell Free Saturday!”