Class Parties? ...

Your no slacker parent. You want to contribute to the class party … you are just not seeking any awards for presentation. You also don’t want to get stuck shelling out cash, multiplied by the amount of children that you have. 


I have caught on to these few tips that allow you to chip in without much sacrifice.

Act Fast —

Once a flyer or email comes your way from the class parent listing all items needed, answer immediately! The “good stuff to get” will be crossed off of that list before you know it. (The over-achiever is shooting for the treat, no worries there.)

Non-Perishables —

From that list of items, offer up a non-perishable item. 

Bottled water … Plates, napkins, utensils …

Why? Because knowing this, you can spot items that are on sale all year long. Snag them up and stash them away!

When I offer to bring paper goods, I purchase them in a solid color. Orange works for both Halloween and Thanksgiving. Red works for Christmas and Valentine’s Day. Green works for St. Patrick’s Day, Easter and Spring. A mix of all can work for the end of the year party. Done.

Put Your Kids to Work —

Still feeling like you have to add a little something-something to your party contribution? Wanna flex your Pinterest muscles? 

This is when you enlist the help of your children! I say, if the project that you planned is beyond their skill level, then toss it! (Extra parent points if you spend a little time with them creating it.)

What’s doable?

Have your kids add seasonal patterned tape to water bottles … draw silly faces on the top of snack packs … skewer cheese cubes and ham with a pretzel stick … you are only limited to the amount of pins on your boards!

Just do what you can. It is more important that we are unplugged and present for our children     … Well, we’ll just all learn that one together!