2017 Resolutions

I have listed 7 resolutions that I am adopting in 2017 ... and some reasons why you may want to consider them for yourself.

1. Support Mom and Pop Shops

Perhaps you’ve heard the facts? I have posted them on social media myself. “If each of us spent $100 a year more on local businesses instead of chain stores, it would put an extra $3 million a year into our economy.”



Here’s a reoccurring scenario in my life — I pass a newly opened Mom and Pop shop and say to myself, “Wow, I gotta go there!”  Time passes, and well… for whatever reason, I just don’t. Fast forward a few months and now I am looking at a business closing sign feeling super guilty and thinking, “Yikes! How many other people did the very same thing!?” Not happening anymore.

2. Keep a Gratitude Journal

Nothing crazy. Keep it easy so you are sure to stick with it!

I will be recording a simple one-liner to sum up my gratitude for the day. Any book would do, but being that I have a stationery fetish… I am heading right back to HomeGoods where I hid an adorable gratitude journal while Christmas shopping for others. This time, with gift card in hand. (My HomeGoods gift card is gratitude entry #1!)

Another option here is writing down feelings of gratitude and putting them in a jar. This can be read at the end of the year, or when you are feeling "less than." It is also a great way to get the family involved!

If you need any convincing, here are 31 benefits of expressing gratitude.

3. One Written Note a Month

No doubt, handwriting is a common theme on my blog. This should emphasize it’s importance to me.

I have cigar box in my office full of handwritten thank you notes from clients. I absolutely cherish them. I take them out from time to time and the sentiments always bring a smile to my face. (Note: I have never printed and saved any nice emails written to me — just sayin.)

The written word is so very special, so personal. So, what to write? This can be an extension of the gratitude journal, but also — send encouragement... tell someone that you noticed their effort. Praise them! ...Tell someone how beautiful they are... Tell your significant other that seeing them still gives you butterflies... or tell your child how proud you were when they stood up for their classmate.

You would not only be making your grade school teachers proud that you hand wrote a note, but you, too will have such a silly grin on your face all day once you share the goodness.

4. Develop a Quick, Daily Fitness Routine

A routine that can be done during another everyday task. One that cannot be forgotten on January 10th (you know, the day that most new year’s resolutions end!)

For me this quick routine will be toothbrushing squats! (That kinda sounds weird together, but you get it! The best part? I can handle it!)

5. Drink more!

(No, not booze!!) I’m talking good ol’ hy-dration!! This one is a no-brainer. The benefits of proper hydration range from better mood to better digestion. Who couldn’t use more of it? I am shooting for the stars here and in the end if I end up drinking slightly more, I can call it a win.

6. Find a New (Unplugged) Hobby

In an oddly packaged Christmas blessing, I lost wifi this week. I complained about it a whole lot. To be quite honest, it was lovely. Not being a TV watcher, I had no place to hide. Once I had my fill of organizing my office I did something that I have not done in a long time — I found an old sketchbook and just drew. I. Could. Not. Stop. My girls joined in. I drew pages and pages. The act was very therapeutic and at the tail end of 2016, so very needed.

So, my #6 is to do more of that!

7. Employ the humans! (Speak to the humans!)

I have said this one before, too. Keep the humans employed!

At the bank, use a teller. At the supermarket, no self-checkout. On the phone, ALWAYS press "0" to hear a non-automated voice.

I have no official statistics for you, but I can tell you that more and more I am noticing that people around me just need to talk. Small talk, water cooler talk, weather talk, whatever! They just need to talk to other humans in the flesh.

I am selling this idea to you as keeping the humans (over computers) employed, but it is so much more than that. It is about keeping human interaction alive. I am seeing kids have a harder time with holding a conversation and just being social (minus the media!)

When did we forget how to communicate!? Use a human over a machine and please, hold on to human communication.

Thisss what I am vowing to take on this year.

PLEASE SHARE! I encourage you to share these proposed resolutions with others.

As a parent, I will be sharing these new resolutions with my girls. The best way to teach is to lead by example. No harm in bouncing these ideas off my husband, too. Who knows, maybe one will even stick!

Happy New Year, all!