This Is 40

When I was twenty-nothing I remember a woman in her forties saying to me, “If I could just have the body that I had when I was 20 and the mind that I have now!” (That statement ended there, followed with an “oh, what I would do” moan.)

“Yeah, whatever crazy old chick!” That was probably my thought.

The statement always stuck out in my mind, but nah, I didn’t “get it.”

I bet ya know what I am going to say next?

… Yeah, I get it now!

And now that I am 40, someone younger is thinking “what the hell is she talking about!?”

That’s quite OK. You’ll know when you get here.

No, there is no magic fairy dust sprinkled upon you on the night before your 40th birthday. It’s not like that!

The wisdom that you have acquired up to this point… your old friends that you can catch up 6 months with in a 5 minute conversation… your new friends that are there for you… your family who have been your rock… the important people in your life that you have lost… your acceptance of “you” — it all makes 40 worth it.

This is the point when I stop counting. (Not because I am giving up as “old” but because I don’t care… and it feels so good not to care!)

I love where I am at, I respect how I got here, and if I wanted to change anything, I am confident that I can.