Honey's Doin' It!

We were so eager to move into the home that we demo’ed and rebuilt that I let a few projects slide. Aa, the mudroom does not have to be fashioned with hooks and wainscoting ... The master bathroom does not need tile caps. ... No one will even notice if that last bit of trim goes up along the stairs ... We can always do it later.

And then, it happened ... LATER came.

The desire to get the long list of projects done never went away. In fact, it got longer! However, other priorities built on top of that.

I nudged my husband, Frank (OK, nagged) until I annoyed myself. I wasn’t getting anywhere that way.

Once I thought about it I really didn’t understand why it had to be Frank’s problem. (Much like I don’t understand how the laundry is solely my problem, but not the point here!) Honestly, if there were only a couch and a television in our house — he would be good. It is ME who has this vision of a more finished home.

I am not sure if this is the norm, but between the two of us, neither is especially gifted in the art of home repair. I will tell you this, one of us is messy and the other neat and organized ... and we can both watch a YouTube video! 

Being the “neat and organized” counterpart leaves me to figure it all out.

So, this is where I am at. I am spackling and sanding, finishing my AirStone accent wall, reupholstering the “dog chair” and watching countless videos on metal framing (because dammit, I will see a finished basement in my lifetime!)

The little progress that I have had so far feels much better than that disgusted feeling that I would get every time I would walk past a project that had not yet been started. 

When I have something worthwhile to look at, I will post a “look what I did” blog.

In the meantime, honey’s doin' it!