I sat in front of my computer the other morning, about to get things done when I was distracted by the number 3-2-7 at the corner of my screen.

Three hundred and twenty-seven emails! 

How is that possible!? I am a daily email checker. I am pretty much right there when emails are sent. So how in the hell did 327 emails pile into my inbox overnight!?

I’ll tell you how — It’s all CRAP! Crap that came along with the stuff that I actually agreed to. Crap given to me because I fit a statistic. Crap that at one time I may have thought was important and now, it is just keeping me from what I have to get done.

I was wishing for a mass unsubscribe button.

Wow — Isn’t it funny how life imitates ... email? 

My “life inbox” has been flooded. ... With offers that I felt too bad to say “no” to ... With tasks that no one else wanted to do ... With responsibilities that I took on for all the wrong reasons.


I have been taking the summer to examine where it is that I want to go in life and hitting delete on anything that doesn’t fall in line with that. A good ol’ examination of priorities!

Does your life resemble your cluttered email inbox? Hop on my bandwagon — Unsubscribe to the nonsense!

Play a game that I learned on Sesame Street called "which one of these things does not belong" and start picking out the items that do not fit into your plan. … This is not helping my family survive. This is not growing my business … You get it!

I am continuing to erase what does not belong and can say that I am on route to where I want to go and I will not be picking up any hitchhikers along the way!

... And P.S. — I found a kind of “mass unsubscribe button” for emails! Go to unroll.me (Yeah, I guess there is an app for everything!)

P.P.S. — You know I wasn't talking about unsubscribing to this blog! I understand the value of your time. That's why I reserve emails for the things that I find are important to share with you. Oh, and freebies, too! Freebies are cool.