Fierce Fitness & Wellness

Several of my friends insisted that I should take Sarah’s Zumba class. While my sad butt never made it to a class I started to follow her on Facebook and could instantly see why her students loved her.

For two years Sarah and I had never even met and still, I would look forward to this woman’s positive posts to help get me through my day.

Then, one day Sarah reached out to me. All of her hard work was paying off — after years of holding classes in churches and halls, Sarah was opening her own studio. She asked if I would create the logo … and I was honored to be part of it.

Sarah’s business is Fierce Fitness & Wellness. In addition to offering Sarah’s infamous Zumba class, she would be offering multiple classes, including Circuits and Barre, kids classes, personal training, and nutritional counseling. Fierce is a one-stop shop “for your mind, body, and soul.”

Fierce Fitness & Wellness logo, by DahlHouse Design

Fierce Fitness & Wellness logo, by DahlHouse Design

The Fierce logo uses Sarah’s favorite colors — vibrant, positive colors that exemplify her energy. The name is bold and fierce, but still feminine. Sarah identified with delicate images, such as a feather, paisley designs, and a dandelion flower. Through rounds of mock-ups, my feathery graphics evolved into this symbol which sometimes translates as a flame, flower, or eye of a peacock feather.

The mock-up process always brings you to interesting places. Here, it ended with a symbol that is unique to Sarah, part of her brand.

Using the Fierce brand I created a website and signage. On the website you can view the studio’s calendar, class descriptions, read about Fierce’s many services, and more.

Fierce Fitness & Wellness signage design, by DahlHouse Design

Fierce Fitness & Wellness signage design, by DahlHouse Design

An investment in a logo and total brand is a foundation for a business owner to build upon. It is up to the business owner to keep up consistency. Like a good entrepreneur, Sarah carries out her brand throughout the studio. The Fierce studio is decked out in teal, pink, green and purple. The new logo can be seen on every bit of printed material. These are the details that say you care. These are the details that stand out in your clients’ minds. These are the details that carry your brand.

I was honored to be part of building Sarah’s business because I know that she will do great things. Sarah is someone that you think about and smile. To know her is to love her. She is the positivity that we all need in our lives. She cares so very much about what she does and it shows.

Sarah helped me realize what it is that I want to do with my own business.

I want one hundred Sarahs!

OK, that sounds just as tad creepy, but really, I want clients who are as passionate about what they do as Sarah is.

I say it all of the time — passion fuels passion — and I have been blessed to work with such a dedicated and spirited individual.

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