Featured on TopMommyBlogs.com

If you missed my teaser on Facebook or have not spotted the change on your own — I have some big news!

The DahlHouse Design blog (yup, this one!) is now featured on TopMommyBlogs.com. WOO HOO!!

What is TopMommyBlogs.com you ask!? Why it is a directory of blogs regarding all different topics written by Mommies (and Daddies). As the website states, “(mom) blogs can be a great way to find inspiration, ideas, tricks and best of all ... help you realize you aren’t alone in this crazy parenting adventure.”

I know this is true since I went to TopMommyBlogs myself to see what other parents are talking about. Then, I thought why not share what I am talking about as well? I submitted my blog and was accepted by the site. 

Each blog receives a ranking for both the category that it is listed under and overall. Currently, the DahlHouse Design blog is listed under the category “Art & Decor”. In order to increase each blogger’s ranking readers must “vote” for their site. The higher the rank, the more that blog will be seen.

You can vote for DahlHouse Design by simply clicking on one of the many links leading to TopMommyBlogs.com. (Like the top banner … or one of the many TMB images that you see around my site … or the TMB links in this very blog!) Your click from my site to TMB is a vote. (That’s it!) You are allowed one vote every 24 hours.

It you really want to make my day, please leave a comment under my listing!

... And please, tell a friend!

I am always grateful for your support! Thank you!