The Reasons ...

Here they are “the reasons …” (you gotta sing it like Earth, Wind & Fire) “the reasons that I ….” WORK AT HOME.

  1. I will take a begging dog over a stolen lunch from the employee fridge any day!
  2. Invitation production, interrupted by Doo Doo Brown breakdowns. It was never quite accepted by former employers.
  3. I like people, I do ... but I don't need to be around people constantly. I am a natural born introvert. Working alone actually makes me excited to see people.
  4. Because sometimes, you just need to stop and search “Gwen Stefani with brown hair” without admin breathing down your neck. (Just did that! There actually are not many of these pics in existence. It was fascinating.)
  5. Maybe I don’t like 9 to 5! It’s not such a crazy thought. I am best in three hour intervals and am way more productive in the late afternoon.
  6. I am wearing yoga pants and a High Point Wrestling sweatshirt right now. (End. Of. Statement.)
  7. I can use “take your child to work day” to show my little girls exactly what I do while they are at school. How cool it that!?
  8. Keeping up with technology is a tax deduction! Woo hoo!!
  9. I can’t sing well (I can rap though!) I sing and rap my heart out all day long, sometimes in Spanish. All without judgement.
  10. Because someone thought I couldn’t earn an income doing it. Ooo, DO I thrive on doubt!