Respect Momma

If I am not designing images for you on-screen, then I am producing them for you in print.

I love me some print! Printed design is my thang.

Much like how I would rather hold a book in my hand, then read it from a tablet — I like to hold printed design in my hand, too.

I have been known to say that I have a “paper fetish.”... In fact, this year’s Stationery Show is coming up and I cannot wait! (It’s pretty much my “Super Bowl.”)

With all that said, I have to be true to Momma Earth and be responsible for my carbon footprint. I also thought you might like know that I think about this stuff!

Here are some of the steps that I take to be eco-friendly in my world of print and paper.

Printing —

I very often print in-studio using my commercial grade refurbished laser printer. Digital laser printing has a quicker set-up, can run low quantities, and produces less waste. I recycle every toner cartridge and only purchase those with recycled components. When I do not print in-studio, I have trusted vendors who take additional measures to use environmentally safe inks and equipment.

Paper —

While the paper choice is up to you, I only show swatches from a line of papers that are FSC-certified and/or partially derived from post consumer waste. (FSC-certified paper is the good stuff that is approved by the “Forest Stewardship Council,” and sited as being from “responsible sources.”)

Hoarding —

(Yeah, my husband doesn’t find this one funny!) It is NO. JOKE. I HOARD!

If I have left-over paper from a print run, I save it!... If a cut piece of stock is big enough for a potential project, I save it!... If others don’t see the value in paper and toss it — I scoop it up and save it!

I hoard in the studio, in a storage facility, in my attic — wherever I can! But that’s not the eco-responsible part! … That would be that I actually use it!

I build projects around what I have, I discount projects using what I have, I donate mismatched envelopes to our PTA, I create little bonus gifts for my clients — I do whatever I can to use up all that I have.

Momma Nature gives us such beauty. I am not going to wait until eco-friendly practices become law to respect her. Just like my Momma, she is not one that I wanna piss off!