Three B's Website

If you read the DahlHouse blog, then you read all about my latest venture with two great friends, Three B's Finderys.

Three B's Finderys spreads the upcycling love by making the old and discarded, new again. We showcase the beauty in things that have seen their time.

The next step in the Three B's business building strategy was to create a website to bring all of our social media efforts full circle.

I am very excited about the site that I created for Three B's. I think that our "about" page gives great insight into who we are.

Please — take a tour and sign up for Three B's updates!

Note that while you can now "screen shop" our finderys, you can not yet purchase via the website. That is a future step of ours. Our next steps would be to post additional finderys for sale and to release Three B's very own blog! Stay tuned! ...

You can start your week with the next DahlHouse blog which will release on our new blog day, Sunday! Have a wonderful week ahead!