I tried.

I balanced this business designing custom invitations, business identity, hand lettering, and blog writing with mom duties, health issues, another shared business, and a sick obsession for volunteering for quite a while now.

Every day, I am not sure if I have enough to do all that has to get done … All that I want to do to better my business to “get there.”

When you work for yourself and work your butt off each day, there is no one there to pat you on the back. No advancements in pay to mark an accomplishment. You do, however, get to have a repetitive conversation with your spouse questioning “when we will see all of this hard work in our bank account?”

It’s hard.


And with that, I say to you all — I tried.


I tried, and damnit I will try harder tomorrow. (Yeah, it’s April 1st, fool, did you think I was giving up.)

This here is what I when to college for. It is what I knew I wanted to do as soon as I could hold a pencil (incorrectly, I might add!) It is what I invest in annually to stay current. It is my love, my passion, my name. It is what I want to give to my children.

Yes — IT. IS. HARD. Just like anything else worth fighting for.

So I will do this …  along side my mommy duties, while fighting some unwanted health hiccups ... while holding a part time gig if I have to! I will continue to learn and evolve. I will learn how to do it better. I will continue creating. I will have that conversation with my husband once a month … until one day, I will not have to.

Then I will say — I tried and tried and tried differently. I didn’t let the negatives weigh me down. At times I felt like it was all for nothing, but something told me not to stop, and I did it.

Thank you all for your support. I don't always know what I am doing, but dammit, I am doing it!