The Rabbit Hole

For me, creation is absolute joy. Sometimes that passion for creative seemed so powerful that I was afraid of it. I’d call that rush that happens to me “the rabbit hole”.

I kept art and creativity in my life at a safe distance. You know, “cheating” with graphic design (when you go to college at a time when technology is just taking over and you have illustrative abilities, using a computer as a tool feels like cheating) or teaching art to elementary kids with the balance of all of that very uncreative paperwork that comes along with it. That sort of thing.

It’s not like I was breaking out my brushes and painting every day. Can’t have that, I’d fall down the rabbit hole! I’d forget everything else, abandon my family, wear all black, and move to the south of France. (No, really, these are the kinds of things that my head tells me.)

So now I am “of a certain age.” The age of calling out bullshit, if you will. I give kudos to myself for finding a way to make a buck doing something creative all these years, but I feel that it is not enough.

As I reflect on my life I am seeing some constants - Interests that remain, situations that I’ve consistently stayed away from, statements that I reinvent. It is those things that define you. Those things that have stood life’s test. This is what is truly “you.”

When recently asked, “well, what do you want to do?” my juvenile answer that I did not put much thought to, then seemed so profound coming out of my own mouth. “I just want to create things with my hands.”

Please visit Three B’s Finderys to see how myself and my partners are using our creativity to upcycle.