Hi Hater!

I could get over that fact that my most clicked blog post teased that I was giving up the graphic design game. That people wanted to be witness to the imminent failure, like watching a horrific car wreck. That kind of passive aggressive hate kinda makes me smirk.

I can also get over the fact that I did not get 100% support of my ventures from those who mean so much to me. Especially, when I know that they were fully informed. What came out of that was new and true, non-obligated supporters. All good.

…And I can absolutely get over those who steal my work. Because as shady as that is, it is one of the biggest compliments.

What I can’t seem to shake is that big ol’ glass of haterade that I get served on the daily from my arch nemesis. She just DOES. NOT. GO. AWAY. and I feel like it’s time to call her out.

When I was the busiest in my work, she doubted that I would sustain it.

When I was happiest in my work, she would point out other areas of my life that were falling off.

When I showed other passions that I wanted to pursue, she told me that I could not do all of them.

When I just plain ol’ got hacked, and my business identity was obliterated (yup, that happened!) she convinced me to “take it as a sign and move on!”

And I did.

Slowly, but I did.

She has been the only one who manages to keep me down… and SHE IS ME.

Funny enough, my family rule á la Hudson County, NJ, that “nobody makes you feel nothin’” plays true here because I have been my own worst enemy.

And I’m calling that bitch out!